Better Social Media Management Increases Guest Engagement

Social media, once viewed simply as a new way to connect with friends and family on the web, has become a major plank in the marketing platform of every experiential travel and outdoor recreation business around the world.

In fact, for most, it has become the primary avenue through which businesses communicate their brand, define their guest experience, engage with current customers, and attract new ones.

As such, expert social media management can raise the quality of your brand, helping you establish a consistent and robust digital identity.

Remember, social media management is more than creating and sharing content. It has just as much do with engagement. Once content is posted on social platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook, the game shifts to employing strategies that build high guest engagement.

Here are a few best practices to keep top of mind:

Build Brand ID

Effective social media management helps you promote your destination and position your services in the top tier of offerings. Develop your unique voice, let them know who you are, and be sure your social media content reflects the personality of your property or activity.

Content is King

Great content attracts existing and/or potential customers. Design it for the specific interests of your guests and encourage them to share their comments in the post. Experiment and track the performance of your content, and if it isn’t working, change it up. A high-quality image shining a light on your guest experience is mandatory, but don’t underestimate the importance of the written words and links that you share.


Social media opens up another channel for owners and operators to connect with the public and build up relationships. Use proven strategies like hashtag campaigns, active engagement, contests, and giveaways. Remember to ask questions, and you’ll be surprised by how often your customer share their honest opinion.

Guest First Communications

It is tempting for social media managers to share content that has a personal appeal, but remember the goal is to make an impact with your guests. Take this seriously and put yourself in their shoes, listen to their needs, and create content for that purpose.

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