Content Strategy For Adventure Websites

Adventure’s always round the corner if you seek it, and if you’re someone who loves it and wants to make it part of your life, now’s the best time. Millennials and Gen-Z are all about experiences and you can create a website for your adventure activities that can attract them to try it out.

Here are some good tips to spruce up your adventure website:

Sync your Instagram:

One of the biggest trends in today’s digitally-driven world is documenting everything! Your audience members need to see the proof of your activities and you can do that by syncing your Instagram with your website.

If you don’t want to do that, keep a separate gallery with some excellent quality pictures so people understand what they’re getting into.

Use creative customer testimonials:

Adventures are always better when they’re shared. People love to relay their experiences with their friends and family, and you can help them do that. Have a video/editing person on retainer so you can document these videos.

Customers would love to pay extra to rewatch their adventure sports experiences and you can also show them on your website for better reach and organic conversion.

Add a blog section:

Your website must have a blog section that contains relevant information on adventure sports. This way, you can keep updating them whenever there’s something new in your industry, or just provide general tips for them to read. A blog section also helps in conversion for SEO, so keep that in mind!

Bonus tip: Get your customers to blog (or vlog) their experiences for you — many of them are happy to do that!

So, go ahead and make these additions to share your story with the world.

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