Cowboy Boots: Custom or Off the Rack?

Cowboy boots are a centuries-old wardrobe item that has grown into the symbol of an iconic American lifestyle. When it comes time to pick out the perfect pair for yourself, think about whether you want to have them custom made or buy them off the rack.

For those looking to make their first purchase of cowboy boots, a pair off the rack can come highly recommended. Your local western wear outlet will have a wide selection to choose from, and almost anyone can find a good pair without breaking the bank. Finding the perfect match for your foot might take a little trial and error, so testing out a couple of different styles will help you find the brand that suits you best.

A pair of custom-made cowboy boots, especially for those folks that will wear them every day, might be the smarter investment. If you feel like this is true for you, take time to research and select a custom bootmaker, be prepared to travel to their store for a custom fitting, and prepare to wait. The best boot makers are in high demand and because of the quality craftsmanship and time invested into each a pair, the wait can be up to year or more.

And you better believe it’s worth the wait… Once you wear a custom boot, there’s no going back. They are built to last, and while they may need to be re-soled a time or two, you’ll probably have them the rest of your life. The precision and attention to detail that goes into every stitch are why custom cowboy bootmakers have thrived since the early days of the wild west. 

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