Essential Elements when Posting to Facebook

Businesses use social media to increase awareness among their target audience, and share up-to-the-minute information about events, specials, products, and more. Facebook is a social media platform where members are scrolling through family photos, life updates from friends, and social events they’ve been invited to. To make an impact on Facebook requires some forethought and strategy.  If you want some pointers on creating Facebook posts that will help you achieve your goals, consider the following advice:

Liberal use of CTAs:

A ‘call to action,’ otherwise known as a ‘CTA’ is a direct prompt to your reader to take the desired action. That might be as simple as visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, or checking out some recent specials. Calls to action are invitations to engage your audience further. You may prompt them to contact you regarding a sale or other opportunity. Not every post needs a CTA, but these kinds of prompts will help you grow your customer database and test what kinds of messaging is most effective.

Utilize data from Page Insights:

Track post engagement through Facebook’s built-in Page Insights feature. Reactions, comments, views, and more are already being tracked on your Facebook page. By analyzing this data, you can find out what kind of content your audience connects with most. With this data, tailor your posting strategy to drive engagement.

Vary your content

Social media platforms regularly introduce new tools for posting unique content. Facebook Stories, for example, offers users the ability to upload quick video clips with embedded links for audience engagement (like a poll) or calls to action (like an off-site link). Video and image posts tend to capture more attention, but don’t be afraid of variety. Text posts, image posts, Stories, videos, and more should all be on the table when you’re planning your content strategy.

Schedule your posts when you think your audience is most likely to view them. Using Facebook’s Page Insights, you can track the results of your posts and test new times for posting.

How could you connect better with your audience on Facebook?

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