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Easy Guest Feedback and Detailed Reporting Deliver Insights for Growth

Be a Better Listener with Avenues for Guest Feedback

Guest feedback is your most important market research. The strength of any adventure recreation provider is in their ability to deliver what guests are looking for. Your guests, whether they are first-time visitors or repeat clients, each have their own set of expectations. Keep in mind, guests aren’t always eager to share their feedback.

When your business relies on guest satisfaction, their feedback is valuable. Listening to complaints may not be pleasant, but it can help you identify problem areas that need improvement. On the flip side, you can learn what your guests enjoyed about their experience and place a greater emphasis on those aspects of your service.

You can acquire guest feedback with a phone call, a feedback card, or an email. But many consumers have grown accustomed to sharing their thoughts through streamlined online channels. If your business has employed an online booking system, requests for feedback can be built into the customer journey.

Lodges or ranches that utilize management software are able to store vital customer feedback within guest profiles. This makes it easy to recall that information for future visits, putting you in a better position to meet and exceed their expectations.

Detailed Reporting Illuminates Profitability and Needed Improvements

Integrated management software also provides detailed reporting. Thanks to QuickBooks software integrations, it is possible to see profitability breakdowns across all your services. 

Understanding the costs and profits of each excursion, meal, or overnight lodging will guide any pricing changes you need to make. These integrations connect with inventory, payroll, point of sale systems, and any other aspect of your business where cost and payment come into play.

Romeo Bravo Software is dedicated to providing valuable tools for providers of adventure recreation. Our ultimate goal is to develop and customize software solutions that increase sales and profitability. We do that by helping our clients manage customer relationships and internal operations. 

Better management produces better results for guests, staff, and business operators. It puts more information at your fingertips, allowing you to make better decisions for your guests and the future of your business. Contact Romeo Bravo to schedule a demo or call 970-439-4340 to learn more today.

The more you know, the more you can do.

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