A guide advises his client while fly fishing in salt water for searun coastal cutthroat trout and salmon in northwest Washington State,

Guide Pointer is an Indispensable Tool for Guide Management

Guide Management That Keeps Everyone Informed

Lodge operators who provide guided trips have complex management challenges. Guide schedules, guest reservations, inventory, and more are meticulously planned and executed in order to provide consistent experiences for your clients. Guide management is a vital element of lodge operations because trips are a focal point for your guests. All guest accommodations, meals, and activities matter, but guided trips are at the heart of your guest experience.

Guides and assignment schedules are central to the success of your lodge. So that’s exactly where Guide Pointer can help you most. Guide Pointer has useful capabilities for guides and outfitters. For example, it provides easy-to-use tools that manage reservations, clients, guides, hosted destinations, multi-day packages, and other custom resources. We developed it to help lodges improve their operational efficiency and deliver consistent experiences for their guests. Here are a few of the ways Guide Pointer empowers guides and lodges:

Assignment Scheduling

Guide schedules and trip assignments are the most crucial aspect of guide management. Grant access to your guides, with custom dashboards that make it easy for them to review and accept assignments. Match clients to guides and activities for specific dates and times. 

Guide Pointer offers a fully searchable schedule and database for guide assignments, designed to organize the information you need most. It also provides lodge operators an intuitive calendar view that offers lots of information at a glance and the ability to pull up individual trip details quickly.

Guide and Client Management

Guide Pointer also includes a managed database of guest and guide information. This database is searchable by name, allowing you to find a wealth of useful information about particular individuals. Also, search lists of guests and guides by name to view information including assignment schedules, notes, and history. Your information is secure and easily searchable.

Guide Pointer Has More Features to Explore

Romeo Bravo Software is dedicated to helping providers of experiential travel improve operational efficiency and build better adventures. Over 1,500 guides trust Guide Pointer because it organizes information and facilitates communication. Continuous improvement is at the core of our development goals, and we work with clients to make that happen.

If you want to find out how Guide Pointer can improve your lodge operations and guide management, reach out for a free trial.

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