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How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing and Networking

LinkedIn Stands Apart from Other Major Social Media Platforms

In the landscape of social media platforms, LinkedIn provides a unique virtual space. Its primary focus is on building professional networks and sales channels, rather than the heavy emphasis on clicks and engagement you see on other platforms. 

Users who access LinkedIn expect to see professional content relevant to their interests and industry. It’s important to understand how LinkedIn is different to take full advantage of the opportunities it provides.

Get the Most out of Your Marketing Efforts on LinkedIn with These Tips:

First: Understand who your audience is.
Create a profile of your target audience, understanding basic demographic trends, but more importantly, what they’re looking for from businesses like yours. Define the features of your average customer—their values, pain points, interests, and turn-offs. Once you have a good idea of who your audience is, you can begin to plan content.

Next: Utilize the right content partners.
LinkedIn’s emphasis on personal networking means different strategies are appropriate for the platform. Rather than sharing via company channels exclusively, key individuals within your business will get better results from sharing content than a company page typically will. Challenge yourself to grow your personal network on LinkedIn and identify partners within your network who can help you get the word out about your company.

Finally: Devise a content plan and stick to it!
Once you’ve developed a content strategy, it’s time to schedule your posts. Build a calendar of posts based on topics and themes you have determined to be relevant to your audience. Ask key members of your business to share that content on their personal pages, getting it in front of a wider audience.

Whether you’re looking for more customers, investors, partners, or all of the above, LinkedIn provides an alternative to other major social media platforms due to its business focus. Take advantage of this free resource and start growing your network!

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