Kick Back and Relax

Long known for catering to the adventure traveler; over the last ten years guest ranches, sporting properties and unique lodges have upped their game in the realm of leisure. Moreover, many of these operations have incorporated higher-level amenities without taking away any of the authenticity their guests have come to know and love; thereby making their destination more appealing to a broader spectrum of travelers without alienating their core clientele.

The finer elements have found a home at every touchpoint in the guest experience. The first place you’ll see the difference is in the comfort of the accommodations. Bathroom design is no longer an afterthought and thread counts matter. On the menu culinary programs now cater to cowboys and bon vivants. Executive chefs are creatively pairing comfort food with fine dining options and meals are very often the most memorable part of the trip. At the bar, a can of Coors is still always within arm’s reach, but the wine list is deep, and the craft cocktail selections stand up to the expectations of any urbanite.

Where often times a guest will welcome a therapist in their cabin for an afternoon massage, now they also might have the option of visiting a top-notch spa. Services range from facials to entire body massages with high-quality products. The staff is comprised of trained professionals, there to use the healing elements of nature to rub away the tensions. Finding this level of luxury in these unexpected and remote locations only adds to the enjoyment.

Ranches and lodges have done a wonderful job of elevating their experience to satisfy the most discerning guest. So the next time your partner says let’s head out to the mountains and hit the trail, you can be assured there will be plentiful opportunities to kick back, relax and ease into a stress-free and healing state-of-mind with nary a worry a world.

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