Llama Treks Trending

As “Millenials” and members of “Gen X” continue to put their stamp on the world of travel and recreation, wellness experiences have taken center stage, and the 21st-century has seen a rise in the number of new offerings designed to combine a modern mix of adventure, challenge, relaxation, and mindfulness.

Whether it is the fusion of yoga on paddleboards, or bicycle tours and wine tasting, the demand for original experiences that authentically connect people with nature is at an all-time high. In order to appeal to this growing market, outdoor recreation providers are getting more and more creative with their options.

Of the many new activities that have emerged, backcountry llama treks are generating a lot of curiosity and are on the verge of trending. Not that long ago, the notion of taking a guided llama trek was nearly unheard of. Now, a small group of quality outfitters are offering these unique tours at prime destinations throughout the American West, particularly in areas bordering our national parks.

Llamas can typically carry up to 60 lbs of gear, and an outfitter may bring a string of as many as six or more on a trip, making it possible to bring all the supplies needed for a very comfortable and memorable backcountry adventure. Half-day and full-day excursions featuring scenic hikes and fabulous campfire meals are very popular with groups and multi-generational families. Backcountry excursions from 4 to 7 nights have a greater appeal with passionate anglers and hunters seeking a different spin on a wilderness experience.

For first-timers who want to research this exciting option, on-line reviews (check TripAdvisor & Facebook) of the outfitters who lead these trips are your best bet. Read several and you will quickly see a common thread. People say llama trekking delivers a rewarding outdoor experience that is wholly unique unto itself. They remark that llamas are unexpectedly social creatures, and very attuned to the people around them. As such, the trekker’s senses are positively accentuated and heightened in a way, that without the interaction with the llama, would otherwise not be possible.

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