Seasonal Business, Full-Time Sales

The rhythms and rigors of operating a seasonal hospitality business often require a constantly shifting focus to the next most important aspect of the operation. The challenge is juggling these priorities without dropping the wrong ball at the wrong moment. Whether it is time to winterize the cabins, or for recruiting team members on the summer crew, to guarantee everything stays in synch, there is usually an element that demands immediate attention. As such, owners and operators of seasonal properties are known to wear many hats, and if there is one worn more often than any other, it is that of sales.

As the lifeblood of any business, sales efforts certainly merit a full-time investment, but in a cycle of always closing out one process and beginning another, how does one best keep their foot on the gas so as not to slow down the rest of the machine?

Try these strategies to keep your organization up to speed:

  • Pay attention to your market:

The traveling public-at-large is apt to make plans last minute; therefore, corporate hotels often focus on sales in the next 90 days. Experiential properties cater to a more selective clientele that likes to plan 6 months or a year ahead. Take advantage of this opportunity unique to your business, and focus your efforts on these “A-list” guests. As the prime season approaches most of your business will already be on the books.

  • Be generous and flexible:

In constantly changing times, customers appreciate doing business with reasonable people. Make your booking and deposit terms fair and easy to understand. Clients will recognize your personable and thoughtful ways and reward you for it, frequently by becoming loyal repeat guests.

  • If you can’t be the sales leader, find one:

Sales often fall on the head of an organization because no one else is capable or wants to do it. If you are not naturally wired for this responsibility, find someone who is. A productive sales leader will generate vitally important returns to your business more than justifying their level of compensation.

  • Have fun:

A wise person once said, find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life. Professionals who specialize in the sales of experiential travel are in the desirable position of helping people arrange their dream vacations. These experiences become lifetime memories that improve people’s lives. Approach this aspect of your business with joy and you will have greater success.

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