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SEO Strategy: Go Beyond Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is perhaps the most apparent and commonly-referenced technique for improving SEO on a website. It is what it sounds like: jamming as many instances of your relevant keywords and phrases into your articles and web page content as possible. But there is a lot more to be done to have better SEO results. Repeated keywords and phrases related to your industry can help your search engine rankings, but making this your only focus is a mistake. Remember that your content must also be easy to read and valuable to your audience.

Consider these tips that will help you go beyond keyword stuffing:

First, write in a way your audience can understand.

If you have ever come across a web page or blog article that seems like a confusing jumble of industry jargon but doesn’t read clearly, this may be a keyword stuffing piece of content. Content writers should not just be writing for Google. Consider your target audience, their interests, concerns, reading level, and pain points. Then, create content that addresses their needs to increase their time on each page, improving SEO.

Prioritize page speeds.

The goals of any website should include audience engagement, information capturing, and compelling calls to action. People browsing your site are accustomed to fast load times and are likely to jump off if load times are too long, thus decreasing your search engine rankings.

Increase visibility with backlinks

Find backlink opportunities that are a good fit for your business or brand. For example, make sure cross-posting occurs between your site and trusted, reputable organizations within your industry. Another common practice you can adopt is to backlink to another web page on your website, particularly the “CONTACT” page.

SEO best practices are constantly evolving with technological advances, search engine preferences, and consumer behavior. Remember that a good SEO approach takes more into consideration than your list of keywords.

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