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Simple Steps to Learn More About Your Social Media Audience

Study Your Social Media Audience to Create More Effective Content

Social media audience engagement can go further than your average TV or radio ad. That’s because social media platforms offer more information about your followers and those who engage with your content online. Brands that organically build their loyal fanbase online have access to valuable audience insights. These insights allow businesses to better design and target their social media content for their desired audience.

Consider the following steps you can take to learn more about your audience demographics:

Find and compare audience demographics on each platform

The most popular platforms for small businesses will vary. But most businesses are able to gain a following on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

On Facebook, access the newly-renamed “Meta Business Manager” and click on the “Insights” tab located on the left-hand menu. Here you will see demographic details about your followers and visitors. Since Facebook and Instagram are both tied to the Meta Business Manager, make those accounts are linked. This will allow you to view demographic data for both of these major platforms.

This feature is designed for businesses with at least 100 followers. Once you have reached that threshold, you’ll gain access to valuable information. This data includes:

  • Overall age & gender statistics
  • The top cities represented
  • The top countries represented
  • Overall engagement metrics 
  • Engagement metrics by post
  • Potential audience demographics (based on targeting criteria)

On LinkedIn, pull up your company’s page and visit the “Analytics” tab. This offers demographics for your page visitors and followers. A drop-down menu grants access to visitor locations, job functions, and company data.

Create and test content types

It takes time and experimentation to discover the best kinds of content for your social media feed. Providers of adventure travel and experiential recreation can lean on content that showcases their beautiful property, accommodations, and activities. Short, engaging content is usually better than long-form posts. Also, images and videos are more captivating than text-only posts.

As weeks go by you will be able to view and compare your posts’ performance. Take note of what your audience finds most interesting. That way you can design future content with greater focus.

One of the most important aspects of social media performance is audience interaction. Interaction metrics like comments and shares teach you about your audience’s interests. Don’t forget to respond to comments, especially if you asked for responses!

Make social media audience assessment a regular part of your process

Establish a habit of reviewing your social media performance. As your audience grows, their behaviors and interests may shift. Take note and plan content accordingly.

Remember, not every type of post you make will garner the attention you expect. Sometimes posts you put a lot of work into will perform poorly. Alternatively, posts you made with little thought may perform well! Ultimately, your audience will tell you what they are interested in. A successful social media content strategy finds a connection point between your audience’s interests and your marketing goals.

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