Tips for Creating Well-Structured Sales Media

You can have a great product or service matched with the right audience. But if your sales documents and materials aren’t well structured. You may be missing out on conversions—any form of content benefits from a well-planned structure. Whether you’re sending a mass email, creating website copy, writing a sales deck, or any other form of a sales pitch. You have to be able to communicate the value of your product or service clearly to your audience.


Here are some tips to consider when writing your sales copy:


Utilize headlines that capture the attention of readers and search engines:

As you consider the primary benefits you want to communicate. Think of succinct value propositions to use as your headings and subheadings. Bonus points if those headings align with your SEO search terms!

Create product and service descriptions anyone can understand:

Never assume your audience knows all the industry jargon and background you might expect them to. Some of your target audience may need things broken down more straightforwardly.

Find the right length:

Depending on the complexity of your products, services, and value propositions. You want to share just the right amount of information with your audience. Address audience pain points and growth opportunities with bold claims you can back up with data and testimonials. But don’t overshare! Audiences can quickly lose interest if they have to sift through too much information to find relevant information.

Imply urgency with your value offer:

Make it clear to your audience that their immediate adoption of whatever products or services you offer will benefit them in the long run. There’s no reason to wait! You can add urgency to your value proposition with limited-time specials.

Incorporate several calls to action:

The critical moment of any sales pitch comes at the call to action. Especially with digital sales documents like landing pages or email campaigns. Feel free to pepper your pages with calls to action. Without overdoing it, you can include three or more calls to action, depending on those desired actions. If a lead doesn’t convert, give them an alternative activity to take. Such as signing up for a newsletter, to keep them informed and in your sales pipeline.

Structuring and executing your sales documents and pages well will make an immense difference in your ability to convert and give you valuable tools to drive sales online and in person.

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