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Use Testimonial Video to Market Your Adventure Recreation Brand

Video Marketing is More Relevant than Ever

As business advertising has moved from traditional media to online platforms, the power of video marketing has increased. Where video content used to be incredibly expensive to produce, now tools for capturing and editing stunning videos are affordable and accessible. Also, digital platforms like social media and search engines allow brands to target their video content to people most likely to respond. A testimonial video might be the best place to start.

However, great video content that effectively markets your business takes time, skill, and strategy to produce. One reliable form of video marketing is an evolution of the traditional testimonial. Businesses share client testimonials because they are an amazing way to show the value of your brand. In general, people are more interested in the actual experience of your guests than any well-crafted marketing message you may come up with.

Video marketing gives businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their value with captivating footage. A video testimonial combines two powerful elements of marketing: The first-hand experience of your guests and demonstrational footage to back that up.

A Video Testimonial Gives a First-Hand Account of Your Unique Value

A well-crafted video testimonial will utilize select imagery and music to drive home your marketing message. With video, you can maximize the emotional impact of your guest testimonials. And with so many video platform options, you and your brand advocates will be able to share these testimonials easily.

Once you identify the right clients, create a list of questions you can ask to help them explain what’s so great about your lodge or ranch. Their natural responses will give you nearly everything you need to tell a compelling story. 

Providers of adventure recreation have a distinct advantage when it comes to video content. Beautiful natural landscapes and exciting activities translate well to video. Capture video footage that relates to your guest testimonials and then combine it with video from your interview. A well-edited video takes skill and patience to create, but the end result is worth the effort.

Most testimonials can be condensed into shorter videos you can share on social media, your website, or by email. They’re a great way for your loyal guests to easily share their excitement for your business.

Define Your Marketing Strategy Before Anything Else

Before you get started, make sure your planned video testimonials have a clear message. You can create a range of testimonial videos that highlight different aspects of the guest experience. Whether or not video testimonials are right for your brand (they probably are), there are other ways to leverage video in your marketing strategy. That’s where video marketing specialists can help.

Your brand is unique in its location, and the amazing experiences you offer. To get the word out, you need a video marketing strategy that fits what you do.

Romeo Bravo Software develops tools that help providers of experiential travel and recreation maximize efficiency and profits. We also offer website and video marketing services. If you’re interested and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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