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Romeo Bravo Software specializes in designing and developing software for the outdoor recreation and hospitality industry. We are proud of our commitment to customers, our experience and credibility, one-on-one customer service and prompt customer support.

Our flagship product, Lodge-ical is a dedicated reservation software and management solution for fishing and hunting lodges, guest and dude ranches, and outfitters.

WHAT MAKES LODGE-ICAL UNIQUE?  Each version of Lodge-ical is tailored for your specific outdoors business. Every customer relationship starts with a conversation to make sure Lodge-ical is set up to help make running your business easier, and more profitable.

WHAT ABOUT THE TIME IT TAKES TO SETUP NEW SOFTWARE?  We take the headache out of setting up new software by doing it for you. Your software will come preloaded with all your rates, referral sources, client types, etc. Start using the software immediately!

IS LODGE-ICAL FLEXIBLE?  As your business expands, Lodge-ical will grow with you. Powerful add-on modules are available whenever you are. 

HOW DO I GET STARTED?  Learn about Lodge-ical below, or simply reach out and get the conversation started.


  • Room & Cabin Assignments
  • Reservation Quotes
  • Confirmation Emailing
  • Customer Data
  • Membership Tracking
  • Electronic Waivers
  • Reservation Cloning
  • Target Marketing
  • Inventory (Store/Food & Beverage) 
  • Food & Beverage Analysis
  • Bar Code POS System
  • Guest Store & Bar Purchases
  • Menu Preparation & Scheduling
  • Time Clock
  • Daily Activity & Job Assignment Report
  • Job Status Indicator
  • Scheduling
  • Taxidermy
  • Meat Processing
  • Exotic Harvest Tracking
  • Montana Board of Outfitters Client Logs 
  • Horse Inventory 
  • Tack Inventory
  • Horse Usage
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Hunt Itinerary & Tracking
  • Game Bird Processing
  • Game Bird Inventory
  • Vendor Tracking 
  • Prepaid Birds 
  • Bird Dog Breeding, Training,
  • & Health Records

Lodge-ical also includes over 50 Analytical Reports

The Romeo Bravo Story

Where our journey started...

In 1992, a young couple from Connecticut took their honeymoon to a fly-fishing lodge in Paradise Valley Montana.  One year later, they relocated to Montana and were managing the lodge, tying flies, guiding fly-fishing guests and developing Lodge-ical.  In January 2020, Lodge-ical combined with Romeo Bravo Software!

....and where we're headed.

We are working on a web based version of Lodge-ical, online booking and an interface to Quickbooks! If you have suggestions for the roadmap, please email us.

Other Products

Romeo Bravo offers an additional niche software product beyond Lodge-ical, called CaseLogger.


Affordable, easy-to-use and customizable legal case management software for county attorney offices and district attorney offices​

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