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Romeo Bravo Software Products



Online Booking Engine and Availability with Online Pay

Lodge-ical allows you to integrate online booking and pay into your website, allowing your guests to easily check availability and book rooms online. Their personal information and service choices will be sent directly to you via Lodge-ical ranch software, giving you a head start on providing them the best possible experience.

QuickBooks Integration

The Lodge-ical/Quickbooks interface eliminates repetitive data entry by creating data files, containing reservation transitions in Lodge-ical, that can be imported into Quickbooks ranch software at any time.

Do More with Lodge-ical

Lodge-ical features include:

  • Room & Cabin Assignments
  • Reservation Management
  • Activity Scheduling
  • Email correspondence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Membership Tracking
  • Electronic Waivers
  • Target Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode POS System
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Employee Management

No matter what kind of experiential or sporting property you operate, Lodge-ical has lodge management software tools that you can use to improve efficiency and upgrade the experience of your guests.


If you have products to sell, E-Commerce can provide a low-cost storefront that’s open 24/7. Let Romeo Bravo adventure software help you implement an E-Commerce strategy that reaches your customers wherever they are.

We’ll create an attractive, intuitive storefront including the products, services, and payment options best suited to your business.

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Guide Pointer

ranch software

Guide Pointer is an Indispensable Tool for Guide Management

An experiential travel PMS, Guide Pointer gives your guiding service all the tools you need to manage reservations, clients, guides, hosted destinations, multi-day packages, and other resources.

With Guide Pointer, you can utilize an activity booking system that is designed to help you with a wide variety of Guide Management challenges:

Assignment Scheduling
Assignments are at the heart of Guide Pointer, matching up clients, guides, and water sections for specific dates. In other words: know who is doing what, where and when.

Client Correspondence
Sending confirmations and thank-yous to your clients is a snap with Guide Pointer’s tempting system. Just specify some details and hit “send”.

Client and Guide Management
Save all the details of the people that make your business run. A searchable clients area makes it fast and easy to find a specific client.

Activity and Lodging Management
Keep tabs on the resources that your clients depend on. Guide Pointer manages the activities and lodging accommodations your outfitter offers to clients, which in turn serve as the lynch pins of any assignments and reservations for your clients. Schedule full days, half days, partial days, and multiple assignments in a single day with our activity booking system. 

Detailed Reporting
Gain critical insight into the data behind your business. Guide Pointer provides helpful data visualizations and tables so you can quickly analyze your data and see the key metrics behind your business.

Guide Tools
Your guides can log in and get quick access to the things that matter to them: reviewing and requesting assignments; submitting pay sheets for trips they’ve completed; accessing important forms and documents; and posting messages.

Message Board
When you post a message, it will be seen by everybody in your organization the next time they log in. Make sure all your guides stay on top of important announcements.

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