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Romeo Bravo Software Products


NEW for 2022 | A Web-Based Property Management Like No Other

When Romeo Bravo Software acquired Lodge-ical in January of 2020, we did so with the goal of creating the best property management software on the market.  After more than two years of steadfast and careful software development, and hundreds of hours of  consultation with owners and operators of ranch and lodge properties, we are proud to launch Yellowstone, a web-based property management system that changes the game.

Yellowstone Features Include:

  • Reservation Management &  Enhanced Room Calendar
  • Activity Scheduling w/ Week & Month Calendar View
  • Guest Correspondence & Automated Email
  • Enhanced POS System
  • Inventory Management for F&B & Retail
  • Housekeeping Management
    Robust Accounting & Financial Reporting Features
  • Occupancy, Business Performance, & Analytical Reports
  • Employee Task Assignment & Notifications
  • Guide & Employee Scheduling
    Location and Public Land Use Reporting
  • Fleet Management & Transportation Scheduling
  • Secure User Access & User Permissions Control
  • PCI Compliant Digital Payment Processing
    Optional Online Booking Integration
  • Web Based Access w/ Any Internet Capable Device
  • Enhanced User Interface
    Mobile, Tablet, Touchscreen Compatible
  • Prompt and Personal Customer Support
  • And a whole lot more…

Online Booking

Online Booking Engine & Availability with Payment Processing

  • All-inclusive and a la Carte Packages
  • Secure Inventory Management with No Double Bookings
  • Real-Time Integration with Yellowstone or Lodge-ical
  • Fixed Day of Arrival and Departure
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Accommodate Any Length of Stay, from 1 Night to 7+
  • Blackout Rooms or Date Ranges
  • Easily Turn Online Booking “Off” or “On”
  • Room Calendar and Availability Search
  • Guest Information Capture at Time of Booking and Populate in Lodge-ical or Yellowstone
  • Payment Processing


The Original Property Management System for All-inclusive Dude Ranches, Hunting and Fishing Lodges

Lodge-ical is an “old school” favorite especially with operations transitioning away from pen & paper workflows for the first time.

Lodge-ical Features Include:

  • Cloud Based Access
  • Sales & Reservations Management
  • Room Calendar
  • Financial Management & Billing
  • Activity & Guide Scheduling
  • Email Correspondence & Communications Log
  • Membership Features & Billing of Monthly Dues
  • On-Site E- Waivers
  • Target Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode POS System
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Export to Excel & PDF
  • Employee Task Assignment
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Time Clock & Payroll
  • Location & Public Land Use Reports
  • Guest Preferences & Personal Details Tracking
  • VIP Itinerary Builder
  • Kennel & Bird Dog Management
  • +50 Analytical & Operational Reports
  • Integration with Project Zenith (see product description below)
  • Legendary Customer Support
  •  And much more..

Whether you operate a guest ranch, fishing or hunting lodge Lodge-ical has the tools that you need to increase profitability, streamline your operation, and upgrade the experience of your guests.

Guide Pointer

Web-Based Scheduling and Management Tools for Outfitters & Guides

Guide Pointer is a web-based software that gives outfitters and guides all the tools they need to manage scheduling, reservations, lodge & tent camp reservations, clients, guides, hosted destinations, multi-day packages, automated correspondence & confirmations, billing, payroll and other resources.

Guide Pointer Features Include:

Assignment Scheduling
Assignments are at the heart of Guide Pointer, matching up clients, guides, and water sections for specific dates. In other words: know who is doing what, where and when.

Client Correspondence
Sending confirmations and thank-you notes to your clients is a snap with Guide Pointer. Just specify some details and hit “send”.

Client and Guide Management
Save all the details for the people that make your business run. Find specific clients and guides with easy and fast searches.

Activity and Lodging Management
Keep tabs on the resources that your clients depend on. Guide Pointer manages the activities and lodging accommodations available to your clients. Match clients with available guides and schedule full days, half days, partial days, or multiple assignments with our trip booking system. 

Detailed Reporting
Gain critical insight into the data behind your business. Guide Pointer provides helpful data visualizations and tables so you can quickly analyze the key metrics driving your business.

Guide Tools
Guides can log in and gain quick access to the things that matter: trip assignments; payroll forms; important client info, destination info, shop policies, procedures and internal message boards.

Ranch Bookings

Online Booking and Property Management Tools Designed with Guest Ranchers In Mind

Make sure your business is prepared to provide an online booking experience that is authentic to your property.

Romeo Bravo Software's Online Booking Engine Supports the Following:

Ranch Bookings is making it easy for guest ranches to engage more guests, manage their stays from top to bottom, and keep them coming back. With our platform, you can target the guests that are interested in your offering and deliver an experience they’ll remember for years to come.

Create a Better Online Booking Experience & Show Real-Time Availability
Use real-time calendar availability, online deposit payments, and more to help provide customers with a better reservation experience that starts from the first click.

Simplify Administrative Tasks
Gather the information you need to give your guests the vacation of a lifetime.

Stay in Contact with Guests
Automate emails and reminders to guests, and send satisfaction surveys.

Guest Satisfaction
Give guests the best experience by streamlining booking and allowing them to create their dream getaway online.

Save Time
Ranch Bookings helps you and your staff save time, collect detailed guest information, and reduce overall costs for your ranch.

Get More Reservations
Attract and book more guests from more places with the 24/7 convenience of booking online and best-in-class customization.

Analysis at Your Fingertips
Unlock powerful analytics tools that allow you to review and evaluate your booking history and sales data.

Capture Guest Data Instantly
Create a streamlined booking experience that gathers every aspect of your guests’ information in a single process.

Online booking gives operators of ranches and lodges greater flexibility, and allows them more control over how and when your customers book. Your guests will complete the booking on your website and never directed to a 3rd party. Online booking works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for a fraction of the cost it would require to staff similarly. Most importantly, as the trend of booking travel online grows in popularity, you can maintain a competitive edge, and continue to attract new customers to your destination. 

Start a new revenue stream, add online booking as a component to your reservations strategy, increase profitability, and upgrade the experience of your guests at the point of sale.

Project Zenith

Project Zenith is an Indispensable Smartphone App for Hunt Managers & Guides in the Field

This is a smartphone app designed and field tested by hunting guides. Project Zenith is fully mobile and integrates directly with your Lodge-ical property management system. Project Zenith supports guided wingshooting, big game hunting, fishing, and trail riding experiences, plus enhances your guest and team member experience. Facilitating real time communication straight from the office to the field, guides have easy access to all the details of their next trip immediately after the activity is entered in Lodge-ical. 

Project Zenith Features Include:

  • Two-Way Communication between Mobile App and Lodge-ical
  • Hunt Planning 
  • Client Information & Hunter Detail Management
  • Guide Scheduling
  • Bird Dog Assignment
  • In Field Shotgun Rental
  • In Field Ammo Sales & Inventory Tracking
  • GPS and Hunt Area Mapping 
  • In the Field Photo Upload
  • Bag Log and Game Bird or Exotic Species Inventory Manager
  • Field to Office Billing 
  • Legendary Customer Support
  • And much more…