An Introduction to Horse Breeds for New Riders

Horseback riding can be an intimidating thing to learn for new riders. They aren’t just learning a skill, they’re discovering how to connect with and guide a large animal with its own likes, dislikes, and temperament. 

Here are a few breeds of horse that have characteristics that make them suitable for new riders:

Morgan Horse
The eager-to-please Morgan is known as “America’s first breed”, and became popular in the 18th century. Typically black, chestnut, and bay, these horses have a rich, lustrous mane and tail. Because of their high-stepping trot, they are well-suited for saddle seat riding. Morgans are muscular, sturdy, and hardy creatures, and make a great driving horse.

American Quarter Horse
With its solid feet and frame, the American Quarter Horse can ride for long days. Recreational riders favor this horse because of its endurance and good nature. American Quarters aren’t fussy, and are comfortable as solo horses or as part of a herd. This horse is also a favorite of the film industry thanks to its reliability and cleverness.

Friesian Horse
The Friesian is smart, well-rounded, and agreeable to training, making it a favored option for dressage and driving. Originating in the Netherlands, Friesians have heavy manes and tails with feathering on their feet. They have an even-keeled demeanor, and don’t frighten easily. They require lots of grooming attention, but they are incredibly loyal to their owners.

Depending on weather conditions, rider aptitude, and physical factors, your ideal riding horse may vary. What breed do you want to take out on the trail?

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