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Cross-Post to Get More Value from Your Digital Content

If you run a business, you’re well aware that it takes time and work to create a dense schedule of content for social media and other digital marketing platforms. You want to get the best possible return on investment for your content, and one way to ensure that is through cross-posting.

Content creation takes planning, research, creativity, and attention to the results. This process is complicated further by the distinctive nature of each platform you utilize. Some post types may be ideal for Instagram, but not a great fit for LinkedIn. The process of optimizing a post you’ve made on one social media platform for another platform is called content repurposing, and it will help your posts get more attention from each of your social media audiences.

Here’s how it’s done:

When possible, make it evergreen

Some blog topics or social media announcements may be time sensitive, and that is fine. Whenever you get the chance to create content that will be relevant to your audience long-term, you create for yourself the opportunity to share that content again later on. Re-sharing already published content is a good thing, especially if the topics at hand are seasonally relevant.

Craft a long-form article from short-form content

Are there social media posts or brief blog articles you can combine to create long-form content? If you have a series of social media posts that could work well together in gallery form or as a full blog article, you may already have the content you need to expand your digital presence.

Put together an e-book with existing blog articles

If you have built a library of articles on a given subject, consider putting all that content together in a convenient, downloadable e-book. If it’s something your audience will find useful, you can use this collateral material as an opportunity to collect their contact information for future marketing campaigns.

Consider content repurposing in each step of your content planning process. This way you can benefit from the work you have already done by repackaging it in new, exciting ways. 

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