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Essential Elements for Experiential Travel Sites

Life’s all about the experiences, and if you’re in the experience business, then the onus is on you to ensure your guests get the best. Experiential travel services are in high demand, and people are ready to pay good money to enjoy memorable moments of adventure and happiness.

So if you’re an “experience provider”, here are three elements your website must have:

  • It’s all in the visual:

Photos and videos are two absolutely non-negotiable parts of any experiential website. Having high-resolution images and videos is crucial because they are the very window into the experiences people seek. 

Get your photographer or videographer to capture the right vibe in the most authentic way possible and show your guests exactly what they can expect. The investment you make in shooting real scenes will pay off big dividends in the end.

  • Guest testimonials:

How will your end guest know if your services are legit? Through guest testimonials, first and foremost. Every time you have a satisfied guest, request a testimonial or social review. If you are just getting started, offer an incentive to motivate your guests to share their experiences and get a jump start on building your reputation. Once you have a few, more will surely follow. Display these testimonials all over your site and you’re good to go!

  • Be open about pricing:

It can be quite a bummer if a guest who’s pumped to experience something is put off at the final barrier – pricing. 

For each experience, show the all-inclusive price (with tax and gratuity), so the guest knows exactly what to expect. This can help them plan better and ensure a smoother transaction overall.

Enjoy creating experiences and marketing them to your guests!

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