Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a centuries-old form of recreation with a mystique all its own. What is more, people active in fly fishing are known for their intense passion for the sport. The fly fishing community has a long-standing tradition of taking newcomers under their wing and passing down the basic tenets to the next generation.

This is all well and good for those lucky enough to have a mentor, but what if you are one of the many with no ties to a seasoned angler? If you find yourself in this group, do not fret, because now more than ever there are tons of effective ways to get started in fly fishing.   

The educational resources available are vast, ranging from “how-to” books, magazine articles, videos, to in-person classes offered by your local fly shop and outfitter.  Of all the options perhaps the most fun, and the most effective, is a trip to one of the many lodges around the world that specialize in fly fishing. Not only will you learn from an expert guide, who will provide you with all the gear and the keys to success, but your first angling experience will most likely become a cherished memory you will not soon forget.

As you ponder your options, take note that for many fly fishing is so much more than an opportunity to catch a fish. In fact, when you find yourself in a conversation with other anglers, rarely does the topic center on how many fish were caught and how big. Of course, everyone enjoys a good fish story, but most anglers prefer to talk about the beautiful places they’ve experienced on their fly fishing adventures, and the incredible people they’ve met along the way.

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