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How Does Online Booking Improve Your Guest Experience?

Trends are moving solidly in the direction of online booking. Guests are likely to search for travel and recreation products online. Hospitality businesses that provide a means for easy online booking are able to capture more business by meeting those consumers right where they are (online).

The question remains, does online booking create a better experience for guests? There is a convenience factor that can’t be denied. But is there a personal element that’s lost when guests don’t call directly to book their experiential travel? Not necessarily.

Offer Online Booking as a Potential Service, Not your Only Means of Communication

Firstly, online booking capabilities allow you to provide answers to frequently asked questions so guests feel fully informed. This requires a well-designed customer journey, taking into account what guests really want to know before booking their experience.

Think of your online booking experience as an option for guests to make reservations, but not the only one. Potential guests may feel alienated if you do not also provide traditional means of getting in touch. Nothing can replace real person-to-person communication. That said, online booking can enhance customer interactions by making more information available to them upfront, and by providing an easy way for guests to share their preferences.

Many guests report a preference for online booking, as it affords them the opportunity to think as long as they need to about the choices they are making and take care of booking at any time they are free to do so. For some, the lack of an online booking process may even be a determining factor, leading them to seek alternative lodging options.

The Online Booker is Always on Duty

People need breaks (and sleep), and your hardworking staff can’t man the phones every hour of the day. An online booking system is ready to take reservations at any time, opening your business up to more potential guests. 

And even when your team is on the job, their attention may be rightly focused on their tasks at hand. By the time they are able to respond to an inquiry left on your voicemail, the potential guest may have already made other arrangements. You can capture their business now and follow up as soon as you are able with online booking capabilities.

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