How Live Chat Can Increase Guest Engagement

As channels of communication continue to diversify and people gravitate more and more to instant messaging, live chat has become a popular feature on websites throughout the travel and outdoor recreation industry. It is the digital version of being a phone call away or sending a text. Live chat is easy to manage, cost-effective, and it opens a direct line to your guests they can take advantage of at their convenience.  

If you have not activated live chat on your site, here a few reasons to flip the switch:

Start Conversations and Increase Conversions:

Studies suggest that live chat increase reservations because people can engage with you in conversation and get answers to their questions. Quality information will help your guests build confidence in your destination, and the quicker the barriers to booking are removed, the quicker your guests will commit.

Enhanced Guest Experiences:

Once a booking is confirmed, conversation over live chat can easily progress to the efficient planning of the finer elements of their vacation which will lead to an enhanced guest experience on property. The nature of live chat facilitates a healthy dialogue, and a lot of important information can be gathered in short order ultimately saving everyone the time-consuming efforts that can come from emailing back and forth or trying to connect by phone.

Guest Loyalty:

Live chat provides one more way for you to interact with your guests to collect feedback, respond to requests, and resolve challenges. Live chat helps build loyalty with your clientele, new guests will appreciate it preparing to visit your destination the first time and repeat guests will appreciate it for planning their return.

There are an array of companies that provide live chat widgets. The setup and operation are easy and there is very little training needed to get your team comfortable using them. Once activated, they can easily be turned on or off, depending on your team’s availability to respond. Now that you are aware of the benefits, make sure you have a live chat option on your website and streamline your guest communications.

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