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How Lodges and Ranches Can Benefit from eCommerce

Lodge and Ranch eCommerce Offers Revenue and Brand Engagement

How many lodges and ranches are taking advantage of eCommerce opportunities? Most providers of adventure travel rely on their website as an essential pillar of their digital marketing strategy. So you should make sure your website serves as a resource for repeat guests and prospective customers alike.

For those researching lodges or ranches, your website serves as a valuable overview of your services and distinct opportunities. Returning guests will use your website to view updated pricing, new services or accommodations, or as a means of communication with your staff.

One advantage your website offers is the ability to sell products directly to your audience. If your ranch or lodge sells branded clothing, equipment, or souvenirs, an eCommerce storefront can increase your potential reach. It also allows satisfied guests to commemorate their trip by purchasing your products after they get home. Some guests may prefer this option so they don’t have to pack new clothing or other items as they get ready to leave.

Customer Information can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Many eCommerce customers opt-in to additional communication when they make a purchase. You can allow them to sign up for your mailing list of promotional offers or newsletters. Guests who are excited to represent your brand are your most receptive audience when it comes to promotional offers.

The best approach to eCommerce is different for any given lodge or ranch. Many such businesses sell additional goods and products on-site that could easily be sold by mail. Branded bait, equipment, clothing, or souvenirs can be a great value add for your guests, especially if the products are high quality. 

Enthusiastic guests will tell their friends and family about their experience. Give them the opportunity to make purchases online. eCommerce sites are easier than ever to set up and manage. An online storefront can integrate with your inventory and point of sale software to keep your records up to date.

Romeo Bravo Software helps lodges and ranches develop suitable eCommerce strategies. We can help build your eCommerce business. Add a new revenue stream and get your brand in front of more people.

Contact Romeo Bravo to learn more about eCommerce for lodges and ranches.

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