How to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

The percentage of users who leave your site without visiting the subsequent page is your bounce rate. A guest can bounce back from your site by tapping “back” or navigating to another website. This isn’t an uncommon thing for a user to do. However, anything you can do to reduce that bounce rate is worth looking into. 

If users navigate away from your website at a high rate, you could be losing potential leads. Consider the following options for reducing your bounce rate.

Offer a superior user experience:

Ease of use, attractive imagery, valuable information, and customer utility can all contribute to your website’s user experience. Ask yourself if your website serves its purposes in an effective, convenient manner.

Place your calls to action carefully:

Use clear, concise calls to action. Tee them up with valuable information or special offers to draw attention and entice action. 

Improve your site speed:

A website that’s slow to load is a real drag. Optimize image files, and work with your web developer to bring down site speed as much as possible.

Excellent pictures:

There’s no better tool to capture and hold an audience’s attention than high-quality images. Humans are visual creatures and respond more to compelling imagery than text. Consider full-screen backgrounds, testimonial headshots, and event photo galleries.

Make your website easy to read:

Much of the content your website offers will likely be written copy. Use legible fonts, paying close attention to the font size and colors you choose. Write in clear, direct language that will be understood by your audience.

Provide feedback pathways:

Testimonial forms can allow you to collect valuable thoughts from your website visitors. Empower your audience to tell you what they think.

Keep these things in mind when designing your website to get the most value you can from your online presence.

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