How to Showcase White Water Rafting on Your Website

When it comes to summertime adventure, one of the most exhilarating experiences is white water rafting and a huge number of travelers have it on their bucket list. So much so that it can be a significant driver of bookings for ranches and lodges that include white water rafting as an option in their activity programs. It is also very engaging content for your website, and therefore, a great marketing opportunity for your property.

If you are looking to draw more attention to white water rafting on your website, here are some tips to make it stand out.

  • Connect with first-timers

Those who are looking for their first experience are among the most likely to book a package that includes a white-water rafting adventure. Make sure you reassure first-timers that it will be safe, exciting, and memorable.

Also, give them advice on how to prepare and what to pack. Guests enjoy pre-trip planning and it makes for a better vacation. Your website should layout the steps first-time guests can expect when they go white water rafting and how you will make it seamless.

  • Display your rafting partner’s credentials:

It goes without saying that guests appreciate working with experts, and in the white water rafting arena, like many extreme activities, the best providers devote their full attention to giving people a safe and quality experience. For this and other important reasons, most ranches and lodges choose to focus on their expertise, and partner with a reputable white water rafting provider who can take the best care of their guests .

Displaying the certifications and qualifications of your rafting partner on your site is an excellent way to build confidence in your guests and inspire them to book a package. 

  • Share their pictures:

When your guests go white water rafting, ask if you can share their pictures, for those who do, display them on your site (and your social channels). Authenticity is everything when it comes to experiential travel and quality content, and it doesn’t better than sharing real images of your guests on their white water rafting adventure in real-time.

Featured in this way, white water rafting is one of many great examples of how experiential properties can leverage their guest experience to upgrade their website and drive more bookings.

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