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How To Write Engaging Content For Social Media

The purpose of social media for any business should be to engage with your audience, drive traffic to your website, and create pathways to accurate conversions. To do this properly, you need to establish your brand’s voice and use engaging content for social media and writing strategies. 

What follows are some tips you can use to help you communicate your brand’s values directly to your audience.


Write in a way your typical customer can understand.

An essential factor to consider for all sorts of written content you expect your audience to read. Use language that isn’t stuck on technical jargon but speaks directly to the concerns of your audience. When possible, be plain-spoken, but don’t shy away from bold claims when you are confident your business can back them up.

Personal language.

The average person browsing social media doesn’t expect an impersonal, academic tone in the posts they read. Instead, use personal pronouns such as “you” and “we” to aid you in establishing an emotional connection with your audience.

Wherever possible, keep it simple.

Another essential thing to remember about your social media audience is their relatively short attention span. To say your audience is simple-minded or impatient! Social media feeds are designed to keep users scrolling, so longer posts tend to be ignored. So instead, write posts that get straight to the point.

Line breaks are your friend.

Use line breaks to separate lines of text and give a simplified look to your written content. Unfortunately, too much text bunched up together can be hard to read on mobile phone screens.

Attach a call to action (CTA).

A call to action is any question or command that requests some movement of the reader. For example, you can ask them to share your post, follow your account, visit your website for a special deal, or reach out by email. Depending on your immediate business goals, different calls to action can be appropriate. But make sure to use them to encourage your audience to take the steps you need them to take.

Get started with these writing practices for engaging content for social media to give your business a better chance to draw attention and inspire action among your audience!

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