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Repeat Guests: The Backbone of Your Business

Hospitality businesses focused on providing highly personalized and authentic travel experiences understand repeat clients are the gold standard. The payoff is twofold. In good times repeat guests set the baseline for driving profitability. In a down-year, repeat guests add structure and stability to your business model.

Prioritizing the development of a repeat clientele will make these direct impacts:

  • Lower Cost of New Customer Acquisition
  • Create Operational Efficiencies
  • Allow for Brand Marketing Opportunities Over Discount Strategies
  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Many successful operators of guest ranches, fishing, hunting, and adventure lodges have become particularly adept at this strategy. They know certain customer types have a high probability of becoming repeat guests. The client profile typically fits the model of one who is very conscious of how they invest their vacation dollars and takes extra measures to carefully vet the property. To convert more of these inquiry types, managers allocate more time and resources to their reservations team. Likewise, when a first time-guests is welcomed to the property, managers provide enhanced support to the operations team. Both actions are designed to ensure high-level customer satisfaction and inspire customer loyalty. By comparison, a repeat guest experience is simpler to execute and consumes far fewer company resources from both a sales and operations perspective.

Further benefits to the company are realized when your team’s familiarity and knowledge of the customer grows. Successful execution bolsters team confidence, builds trust, and facilitates a smooth operational workflow. This creates high staff morale, which is the all-important ingredient in yielding the best guest experience. Organizations that can harness this power and create a cycle of repeat business begin to see lower costs and higher returns. This ultimately leads to year-over-year growth trends which propel your organization forward and encourages a higher percentage of repeat guests in your core clientele.

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