Strategies for Email Marketing

How can you create compelling email content that drives bookings to your destination?

Utilizing these techniques will help you better engage with your guest community, and ultimately generate more reservations:

Eye Catching Subject Lines: The subject line is often the deciding factor in whether your email is read or not. Spark curiosity and create a subject that will encourage the readers to absorb your whole message.

Include Preview Text: Preview text is essentially the first line of your email so make it count. The ideal length ranges from 35 to 140 characters. A surprising number of senders choose not to include preview text, don’t miss this opportunity to distill your message down to its core. The preview text can be especially helpful for super-busy people who care about what you have to say, but just want the highlights.

High-Quality Images: Because a picture is worth a 1,000 words, commit yourself to quality and feature professional images as much as possible. Your guests understand and will appreciate the difference.

Do Your Homework: Try to understand the needs and desires of your clientele. Analyze social analytics to gain a better understanding of the demographics of your guests and write emails that cater to their sensibilities.

Ask for Their Business: People respect that you want their business, but you have to ask for it. Let them know you want to hear from them, including a call to action in your email will encourage your guests to respond. Be conversational and make your emails true to your personality and most importantly, authentic to your guest experience.

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