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Tips for Marketing an Adventure Recreation Business on Instagram

Showcase Natural Beauty and Eye-Catching Experiences

Small businesses in the adventure recreation industry have a distinct advantage when it comes to marketing on Instagram. That advantage is all around you. Wide-open spaces, dense forests, sprawling skies, and towering mountain ranges may be within photographing distance. Use the natural beauty around you to produce a library of images and videos to share online!

In general, you can showcase your staff, your land, and your activities on Instagram to great effect. That’s because Instagram is a platform where captivating imagery and engaging video content garner the most attention.

However, you can’t just post random batches of photos and expect stellar results. A social media strategy is key to getting real results from social media marketing. In this article, we have a few tips and best practices for posting on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Tips

  • Interact with your audience regularly. Respond to any comments or direct messages from your followers to show them you’re listening. To increase engagement, consider including questions in your posts. For example, a dude ranch may post an image of their stable of horses with the caption: “Which horse are you taking out on the trail?” When your content receives more comments and likes, it is more likely to be seen by more people.
  • Include relevant terms in your Instagram bio. Words related to your services should be present on your Instagram profile. If you run a wingshooting lodge, use phrases like “duck hunting, pheasant hunting, wingshooting lodge” and anything else that your business does. Apply this approach to your post captions as well. This will make your Instagram profile easier for your audience to find.
  • Paid ads can increase your reach. Paid ads are a powerful way to “boost” your posts to more Instagram feeds. However, this approach will be useless without a sound social media strategy. Make sure you post on a regular basis and include calls to action on your Instagram profile. When your social media feed features a steady flow of content, paid ads are much more effective.
  • Find and use the right hashtags. Just like the terms you’ve included in your Instagram bio, hashtags improve searchability. Include all related hashtags in your image and video captions. #FlyFishing will attract users who search for that content. More hashtags like this will improve your ability to be found in a user search.

Adventure recreation businesses have a lot of beautiful images and stories to share. Instagram is the world’s most popular platform for this kind of content. Start using the resources already available to you and reach more people with your business’ unique value!

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