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Use Your Strongest Platform to Anchor Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Demands a Sensible Strategy

Social media isn’t just another advertising opportunity for your business, it’s a necessity for keeping your business discoverable online. Prospective guests looking to learn more about your business are likely to check out your social media accounts. That means your social media strategy has a direct impact on how consumers see your brand. A recent survey from Sprout Social revealed that 78% of consumers are more willing to buy from a brand after a positive impression on social media. 

Social media strategy is developed at the intersection of your business goals and distinct brand values. Firstly, take a look at your audience. Who follows you and what kind of followers do you want to attract? Once you know what you want to accomplish with social media and the kinds of content your audience will respond to, it’s time to focus your content strategy.

Focus Your Efforts and Save Time with Cross-posting

To get the most out of your social media efforts, identify a social media platform that is best suited for your business. If you already have momentum on one platform, design your content for that growing follower list. Providers of adventure recreation tend to do well on platforms like Instagram that put an emphasis on beautiful photos and video content. But if you have already earned an active followership on another platform like YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok, lean into that success.

Create a calendar of social media content that aligns with your marketing goals. Create posts that work well for your primary social media platform, and then cross-post to your other accounts. In many cases, you can schedule posts on multiple platforms that publish simultaneously, saving you time and creative bandwidth.

How Adventure Recreation Businesses Market on Social Media

Successful social media strategies draw upon the unique values of each business. For instance, your adventure recreation business has an audience that values exciting activities, beautiful scenery, and true hospitality. Highlight those values with your social media posts! This will help you determine what kind of content to create. 

Here are a few ideas you can consider:

  • Share guest testimonial videos that include visual references to the services and amenities they describe.
  • If your lodge or ranch has animals, do not be shy about posting photos. Social media users are naturally drawn to animals and they are a major part of your business’ identity.
  • Create informational content that demonstrates the knowledge and guidance your staff can provide.
  • If your business is offering new services or amenities, let people know on social media! You can even create specially designed sales funnels around special offers, urging your followers to contact you.

Your brand’s ideal social media strategy is yours to discover, through trial, error, success, and audience feedback. Romeo Bravo Software designs comprehensive software solutions for lodge and ranch management, as well as guide management. We also offer website and digital marketing services with a focus on the adventure recreation businesses. 

If you want to learn more about how to build better adventures and get the word out about your business, contact us today.

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