Why Video Sells

Two goals should be at the center of your marketing strategy:

  • Increase brand awareness among potential customers
  • Reiterate your value proposition to existing customers

One method for addressing both of these goals is video content, and it is an incredibly potent tool for video marketing. Here’s why:

  • People watch videos. Video posts outperform other kinds of content because it is immediately captivating. More popular than images or text-based content, videos represent a large share of clicks and participation online
  • Videos tell stories. A passive viewer can understand your story with a well-produced video. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more. Story videos make it easy for your audience to imagine themselves using your product or service by showing them an example of what that looks like.
  • Video can help you communicate directly. If you want to put a personal touch on your content, video gives you the opportunity to speak directly to your audience. Attach a face and a voice to your personal or corporate brand to help them warm up to the idea of working with or buying from you.
  • Video marketing casts an appealing light. Whether you are showcasing your product, a customer testimonial, or a personal message, audio-visual content gives you more control over how that content is perceived. Write a script, choose locations, and support with audio that faithfully represents your brand in the most appealing way possible.
  • Videos are shared. More often than text or images, videos attract interaction and shares. When you want to give your customers an easy way to tell their friends about you, video is your best bet.

Videos impact your audience and elicit emotions more than other forms of online content. The key to driving your audience to take action is getting their attention and buy-in. There is no better way to do that online than through smart video marketing.

Photo courtesy of Noah Rosenthal, Arkfilms 

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