Your Website is Your Business

Your Website IS Your Business

Websites are so fully integrated into every sporting lodge, guest ranch and outfitting business, that for some owners and operators it is not too far of a stretch to sometimes feel like your website IS your business. Afterall, it is your virtual identity and the bedrock of your marketing strategy. From an experience perspective, it is the digital touchpoint that represents your culture and cultivates your community. Financially it is your major driver of revenue in the form of bookings and e-commerce activity. To this end, for any person wishing to gain a fresh perspective by first visiting your lodge, guest ranch or outfitting website; it goes without saying, your brand and reputation rests squarely upon the quality of your website’s functionality and design.

To take this thought a step further, and because your website is the one true place on the internet that you control, then it follows that time and attention invested into your website, and tailoring it to your every possible advantage, has great potential for making your business better. As you strategize on how to improve your website, focus your plan around these base principles:

Available Nights, Weekends, 24/7/365

A website is always there for your guests. At times when your team is not directly available, your website can close the gap in communication, and keep your prospective customer engaged in the booking process (no matter which time zone they are in). SEO-optimization produces top rankings in Google and other search engine results, and this in turn will bring your lodge, guest ranch , or outfitter more highly qualified leads, and ultimately opportunities for booking new reservations and increasing sales.

Your Story

The website tells your story. If you have one lasting impression let it be about your brand and the qualities of your guest experience. Reviews form the most powerful word of mouth referrals, support your guests in sharing their experiences in every way possible. A website will introduce your guest experience precisely to the types of people who are most likely to enjoy your lodge, guest ranch, or outfitter, and for those who enjoyed the experience so much they want to help spread the good word, then create every opportunity to feature their comments and testimonials on your website.

Be True to Your Brand

Great websites always stand out from the pack. Your competitors know this as well, but people have various rates of success with their online strategies. Commit to what makes your destination and your brand truly unique, and gain a leg up by building a website that ranks your destination high; and ideally among the top choices for people seeking the world-class lodge and guest ranch experiences for which your business is known. Embrace your identity and share it with on your website in the most authentic way possible.

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