Authentic Nat Geo

It comes with no surprise that one of the most popular brands on the planet, National Geographic, and one that epitomizes professional photography, is also the first to have over 100 million followers on Instagram.

Nat Geo is obsessed with authenticity and staying true to this ideal is what has propelled their organization since its humble beginnings in 1889. In modern times, National Geographic has successfully expanded its audience well beyond the readership of the magazine and Nat Geo stories are available to an enormous range of consumers seeking video and social media content.

Specific to their success on Instagram, over 100 of the most trusted Nat Geo photographers are empowered to post to @NatGeo, creating a feed that is constantly replenished with a stunning and compelling array of natural and cultural images from around the globe. The story telling goes beyond the visual, and photographers engage directly with their audience with captions and active conversation. The Chairman of Nat Geo Partners, Gary Knell, claims photography, storytelling, and audience engagement, are part and parcel to Nat Geo, this is what is compelling to their audience, and this is why they have so many followers on IG.

Because authenticity is at the core of experiential travel and outdoor recreation, owners and operators of these businesses can take confidence in Nat Geo’s success, and apply these methods to the telling of their own brand story, and in how they share the unique attributes of their guest experience, and engage their audience with professional photography and active conversation.

If you aim to build followers on Instagram, how are you telling your brand story?

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