Montana State Record Brown

With a fishing history as rich as Montana’s, where the world’s great anglers have always come for trout, it’s no small thing to be the holder of the FWP verified state record for the largest brown. A new one was crowned this week after a catch of leviathan proportions was recorded last Wednesday night up on the Marias.

The answer to the question of who holds the Montana state record for the largest brown is not Crook, Roosevelt, Hemingway, Gowdy, Williams, or Wulff, nor is it Pate, Perkins, Bailey, Roos, Pallot, or Knight. No, the name is not Jacklin, Lewis, Anderson, Kelly, Harris, Marion, Fitzgerald, or Matthews, and likewise not Bressler, Linehan, Klug, Davis, Vermillion, Rogers, Dawes, Kinsey, Fellin, or McDowell…

The name of the Montana state record holder for the largest brown trout is Robbie Dockter of Conrad. Congratulations, Mr. Dockter!!

With an official weight of 32.43 pounds, and out tipping the scales of the old record of 29 lbs caught out of Wade Lake in 1966 by E.H. “Peck” Bacon, all anglers are surely proud of you for catching a brown bigger than any that has ever been caught in the state of Montana before! 

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