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Encourage Guest Engagement on Social Media and Beyond

Social Media Guest Engagement is a Perfect Fit for Adventure Recreation

Businesses that provide hospitality and adventure recreation depend on their satisfied client base. In a previous article, we discussed how guest feedback can help your business continually improve. Happy guests support your business with repeat visits. They can also become your most valuable advocates through social media engagement.

Social media is a fitting avenue for adventure recreation businesses to market their services online. This is because social media platforms and users favor exciting imagery and video. A good social media strategy will include lots of gorgeous imagery. If you are not already capturing breathtaking photos for your social media feeds, you are missing out on content that is highly effective and relatively inexpensive to produce.

An even better way to use imagery on social media is to feature guest photos and reviews. For instance, businesses can encourage guests to share their trip photos and testimonials on social media. This gives your audience the chance to see what kind of experiences you offer, directly from your satisfied guests. 

Offer Value to Your Guests to Encourage Engagement Online

You may consider offering satisfied clients a discount or other perks for sharing their experience on social media. In addition, you can make it easy for guests to share their testimonials by capturing photos throughout the trip and providing feedback forms to satisfied guests.

Obviously, not every guest will want to share their photos on social media. However, in many cases, your guests are already planning to share their experiences with friends online. If they grant you permission to share their post, you can add it to your social media feed as a personal testimonial. 

Whether or not you implement this strategy, you want to create a social media content calendar. A calendar of planned posts will help you ensure your social media feeds are regularly updated with new content. Why does this matter? Many consumers engage with brands they follow on social media. In fact, 90% of consumers buy from brands they follow on social media.

Loyal clients who follow your business on social media see your content on a regular basis, reminding them of your services. This group of clients represents your core audience online. So, if you can encourage them to engage with your page, their connections will be able to see that activity. This creates effective guest engagement and the opportunity for free testimonial marketing.

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