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The Building Blocks of a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy is Essential to Success Online

Not every business that markets online does so with a defined digital marketing strategy. Many businesses create social media accounts, build websites, and even run ads without truly defining a strategy.

It’s true that doing something is better than doing nothing at all, but just barely. Because when your business engages in digital marketing without constructing a strategy and plan, your results will show it. 

There are some steps you can take to lay the foundation for digital marketing success. Here’s how it’s done:

Construct buyer personas.

This is simpler than it sounds. A “buyer persona” is an imagined characterization of your typical customer or client. It is important to identify the demographics, goals, values, and pain points of your average client. This allows you to connect your message directly to their concerns and desires.

You probably already know a lot about your typical customer. To learn more, create easy ways for your clients to provide feedback. Also, use your CRM to learn what you can about how your customers communicate. By analyzing the open rates of your email communications, you can learn what your audience is most interested in. And don’t forget SEO! Use SEO keyword research tools to find out how your audience searches for services like yours.

Start with a rough sketch of your buyer persona, and add relevant details until a clearer picture comes into focus.

Clearly state your goals and identify needed tools.

Your overall business strategy flows from the goals you have as a business owner. Likewise, your digital marketing strategy should emerge from your marketing goals. If you want to increase awareness among a younger audience, then you want to strategize accordingly.

Evaluate your digital assets and current platforms. Do you see an opportunity to expand your strategy or refocus your efforts? If the answers aren’t clear, consult with digital marketing experts or colleagues who have found success marketing their businesses online.

Your digital marketing strategy needs a content plan.

Once your buyer persona and digital marketing strategy are defined, it is time to plan. Content plans allow businesses to make sure their content is varied, consistent, and serves their digital marketing goals.

Enter your marketing efforts in a calendar. Include marketing email campaigns, social media posts, blog posts, and anything else you use to communicate with your audience online. With this calendar view, you can anticipate digital marketing needs and plan content creation accordingly.

Making digital marketing content isn’t simple. But with a well-defined strategy and method for planning content, you can get real results from your marketing efforts.

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