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Fall Browns

As passionate trout fishers plan their outings throughout the year, they do so with the knowledge that each month presents a unique and fleeting opportunity to revel in many of the signature moments famous to the sport of fly fishing.

Some anglers dream of catching the peak of the salmon fly hatch that kicks off in early summer, while others make a mission to find a pod of rising trout obsessively sipping on PMDs. In August and September, there is the dedicated faithful who embark on backcountry pilgrimages to pursue unpressured native cutthroats inhabiting high alpine lakes and pristine mountain streams. Many more have a powerful addiction for floating the big water and cannot get enough of drifting their hopper alongside any undercut bank they can find.

Each one of these moments on the trout fishing calendar transitions to the other. Eventually, those fortunate enough to fish them all engage in a personal debate to which is their favorite. Many of whom conclude that the moment is now… that nothing beats chasing browns in the fall.

It is in the fall, when the crowds have dwindled, and a healthy portion of the angling community has put down their rods to cater to their afflictions for hunting afield. This is the time that ghostly big brown trout, the kind that seem invisible the rest of the year, come out of deep hidden holes and feed aggressively before the spawn.

This is also when a select few truly diehard anglers venture to uncrowded waters, happy to endure all sorts of nasty weather, and spend their every last minute prospecting with streamers and soft hackles, fueled by an obsessive desire to go “mano a mano” with a gnarly brown, and in the desperate hope of finally striking a motherlode of trout gold.

photo courtesy of Noah Rosenthal @arkfilms_dp

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