Get Your Nordic On

If you haven’t heard, cross country skiing is cool again, and there is a resurgence of interest from newcomers to the sport across the nation. After all, in the age of social distancing, what winter activity could be more perfect? Nordic skiing is all about what people are searching for – low impact outdoor recreation in uncrowded and pristine natural settings. Moreover, there has never been better Nordic ski destinations to choose from East to West. The proliferation of trail systems on both public and private land is extensive, and there is a decidedly rising audience of travelers seeking Nordic ski experiences of all varieties.

This of course has been a boon for the few resorts and lodges that focus exclusively on curating Nordic ski experiences, but the interest is so strong, cross-country ski getaway packages have become popular with any property that bills itself as a “basecamp for adventure” and located in close proximity to a quality trail system. This activity totally resonates with DIY adventurers, plus Nordic skiing programs are relatively simple to launch, and cost-effective as well, making it a very compatible add-on to any package that also includes lodging and dining.

If your operation is positioned to market Nordic skiing as a part of your guest experience, these are some the top elements travelers are looking for:

Guide Services:

First-time adventurers crave guided experiences, especially into pristine wilderness on public lands and national parks. If there is a quality back country ski guide service in your area, seek a partnership and feature their guide services as the key element to your lodging and dining package. This is absolutely the best way to enter the market and bring immediate authenticity to your Nordic experience.

Quality Gear and Convenience:

However you choose to manage the outfitting of gear for your guests, whether it is through your own rental program or a local ski shop, there is only one thing you need to be successful, and that is to make this experience for the guest as seamless as possible. Convenience is everything in this arena, and something as little as an ill-fitting ski boot can turn a memorable trip into a real bummer. Guest will pay for quality so do not be shy about offering premium equipment options.

Après Ski: Nordic Style

Perhaps the one thing Alpine and Nordic skiers all have in common is a love for Après ski culture. When your guests return from being on the trails all day, create a cozy welcoming Après ski environment for them to sink into. Light a fire, pair craft cocktails and good wine with live music, and watch them settle in and relish in the mountain life. These are the elements that will turn first-time visitors into repeat guests, and keep them coming back to enjoy your Nordic ski packages for years to come.

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