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Graphic Design Missteps You Want to Avoid

Expectations have never been higher when it comes to graphic design. The success of your marketing efforts depends on quality graphic design that faithfully represents your brand and is pleasing to the eye. It’s important to take a strategic approach to branding and graphic design so you can build confidence among your audience and entice them to start their customer journey.

Take note of these common graphic design missteps and work to avoid them!

Lazy proofreading of text: A spelling mistake or grammatical error may seem like a minor problem, but if they go uncorrected, readers will notice and associate those errors with your brand.

Poor color choice: When you develop your brand guidelines, select colors that represent your brand well and use them consistently. Graphics you produce should utilize this same color scheme. Aside from some outliers, the most successful brands choose three or fewer colors to apply to their brand graphics.

Overusing image filters: Although they offer a fast, easy way to edit photos and other graphical elements, image filters are often over-utilized. If you use too many filters at once, you may distort your images or rob them of their distinctiveness. Photo editing is a powerful tool, so use sparingly and tastefully!

Bad text hierarchy: Your graphics may feature important information you want to share with your audience. Feature the most important information by using a large, bold typeface, with less important information taking up less space. It seems elementary, but remember that readers will naturally scan the largest text first as they view your branded graphic.

Keep these common graphic design mistakes in mind and work to avoid them! Your brand deserves consistent, quality representation when it comes to graphic design.

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