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How eCommerce Tools Help Outfitters and Lodges Reach More Customers

Better eCommerce Tools are Spurring Growth in Online Sales

In 2021, online sales accounted for nearly 20% of all retail sales. This is according to industry estimates and represents the continued growth of eCommerce as a share of all shopping. Although the majority of spending at outfitters and lodges happens on-site or over the phone, eCommerce storefronts and tools represent a growth opportunity.

With an online sales channel, lodges and outfitters can reach more potential customers. Online storefronts also allow prospective guests to learn more about what your business has to offer. Even if they don’t purchase anything online, they can use your eCommerce storefront to learn more about your products and your brand.

Lodges and Outfitters Widen Their Audience Online

If your outfitter or lodge offers branded apparel, an eCommerce store can expose your brand to more people. And it gives your loyal client base a way to purchase your products all year round. It’s another avenue for your brand advocates to make purchases that support your business and get the word out about what you do.

eCommerce tools can also help you keep track of your clients’ purchasing habits. Based on prior behavior, you can target your marketing campaigns to greater effect. 

The functionality of eCommerce tools is always improving. Your business website may be capable of basic eCommerce functions, but sometimes a website refresh is necessary to take advantage of advanced features offered by platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify.

Romeo Bravo Software creates specialty management software and website solutions for the experiential travel industry. Lodges, ranches, and outfitters each have unique challenges for growth and profitability. We design solutions with those challenges in mind.

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