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How To Create A Social Media Content Strategy for Your Business

If you are posting social media content for your business but lack creating a social media strategy, you may end up with a sparse and unfocused feed. A sound strategy for social media content takes your unique social media goals into account and lays out a calendar of posts that help you achieve your goals and connect with your audience.

Consider some of the following ideas for how you can develop your own social media content strategy.

S.M.A.R.T. goals:

Creating a social media strategy needs to have clearly defined goals. Your goals ought to be:

      • SPECIFIC
      • RELEVANT
      • TIME-BOUND

        Develop a buyer persona:

        It would be best to determine who your desired audience is before you can create content they will truly appreciate. A “buyer persona” is a generalized description of your typical social media reader. So first, outline their general demographics, interests, pain points, and values.

        Establish pillars of content:

        List the broad topics that each of your posts should connect with in some way. This will help you ensure your content fully reflects the value propositions and differentiating factors your brand offers.

        Social media profile audits:

        Across all of your social media accounts, make sure your approach is uniform and accurate. For example, make sure key contact information is readily available and, when possible, use consistent handles, images, language, and hashtags across all of your social media accounts.

        Develop a content calendar:

        You don’t have time to think about social media every single day. That’s why a content calendar can be handy. First, plan posts well in advance, taking into consideration special events you may want to promote. Then, as you get new ideas for social media content, the calendar will help you figure out where to slot that content in a while, keeping your posting schedule consistent.

Put together a powerful content strategy that will represent your brand well on social media. Once you get this process up and running, you’ll find it easier to create and schedule relevant content for your audience.

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