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Leverage a Website Landing Page for Direct Marketing Campaigns

How a Website Landing Page is Used in a Marketing Campaign

Your business website is an owned platform you can use to market your business and provide customer service online. There are many ways to use a business website for marketing, including the use of a landing page. Specific marketing campaigns can send users to your landing page and a call to action. 

Why is it called a “landing page”? Because that’s where you want users to “land” when they arrive on your website. Separate from your main website pages, a landing page funnels visitors into your lead-generating campaign. 

For example, imagine a guest lodge is promoting its new sporting clays course. Using their customer contact database, they target an email message to their guests who have shown an interest in shooting activities. That email message can direct readers to a landing page on the lodge’s website. Once on the landing page, users can be given information about the course with special offers to book a trip.

Define Your Campaign Goals

Your landing page should serve specific marketing objectives. You might design that page to showcase your services, collect email addresses, or provide a special offer. So set specific goals for how much business you want to generate with this campaign and measure your success! The best way to learn about how your audience responds to sales efforts is to track and compare different strategies over time.

Use a Call to Action that Serves Your Objectives

Select a call-to-action (CTA) that directly supports your campaign objectives. A well-designed landing page will emphasize a clear CTA as soon as the reader visits your website. In other words, anyone who visits your landing page should not have to scroll before they can see your call to action.

Persuasive and Succinct Language is Best

It is always best to write clear, direct marketing copy. Whatever value you are offering should be the focus of your writing and your design. Just like other forms of advertising, landing page marketing needs to inform, motivate, and call the reader to action.

Keep Your Website Landing Page Simple

In conclusion, the best landing page design is simple and to the point. Choose fonts that are attractive and readable. Also, use images that are relevant to the rest of your content. Anything that doesn’t directly serve the goals of your marketing campaign should be left out of your design.

The purpose of a website landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Those leads will help your business perform more effective direct marketing in the future.

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