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Market Your Brand on Instagram

Upgrade Your Instagram Marketing with a Winning Strategy

How far in advance do you plan Instagram marketing content for your business? If you tend to post photos and videos sporadically, you may be missing out on a powerful tool for marketing your brand. 

Effective content strategies take time to develop and consistent follow-through in your posting schedule. You can communicate your brand’s value proposition and keep your audience engaged through a well-planned content feed. Instagram serves providers of adventure travel because it is a platform that thrives on captivating images.

Establish a Brand Aesthetic and Stick to it

If you view the Instagram feeds of respected brands, you’ll likely be able to see a strategy at work. Well-crafted Instagram marketing plans hit on themes that are relevant to your audience and connect back to the products and services you provide. 

One great way to find ideas for Instagram content is to look at what active brands are doing and imagine how you could incorporate similar kinds of content for your business. Take note of how these businesses showcase their consumer and products in particular.

Deciding What to Post

Once your aesthetic standards are in place, imagine what post types will work best with that aesthetic. Even more importantly, think about the kind of content your audience will engage with. If you provide adventure recreation, you have access to a wealth of beautiful images waiting to be captured.

Find opportunities for incorporating user-generated content (UGC) to create a sense of community. For example, you may invite guests to share their favorite photos and tag them on your timeline.

Don’t Move Forward without an Instagram Marketing Plan

Your feed represents your brand on Instagram. Instagram feeds stack posts three per row, and once expanded display posts cleanly, one at a time. Create a schedule of posts that represent the variety of brand values and services you want to advertise. Many consumers use social media as a way to research companies and you want to make sure your business is represented well. Romeo Bravo Software offers digital marketing services including social media plans crafted for your particular audience and business goals. Reach out online to learn more.

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