Social Media Trends 2021 and Beyond

2020 has impacted our online behavior. People were at home more. As a result, some social media trends emerged that brands would be wise to take advantage of. Summarized below are some widespread trends that were seen across all major social media platforms.

Conversational marketing

More users have chosen to take advantage of online channels to communicate. And engage with their favorite brands. Engaging with your audience on social media by asking questions and providing responses is a great way to demonstrate your customer service values. And give your audience a personal connection with the brand.

Nostalgia (Social media trends)

Nostalgia is always a powerful force in advertising. Over the past two years, it has emerged as a way for brands to connect with their audience in familiar, comforting ways. First, determine the broad age range of your audience.  And draw upon their historical and pop culture nostalgia to craft messages that connect more directly with them.

Social gaming

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore. During 2020 lockdowns, many millennials rediscovered video games to remain socially connected with friends and family. If gaming is relevant to your audience’s interests, it can be a powerful way to build community. In addition, you can utilize popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch to connect with an audience and build brand trust directly.

User-generated content (UGC)

Your audience can also be a powerful creative partner. For example, incentivize customers to post about their experience with your brand, whether a video blog, a written review or some relevant photographs. As a result, the content generated by users is more identifiably authentic. And lets prospective customers know that real people enjoy your products or services.

Keep an eye out for more emerging trends as platforms add features and users favor new kinds of content. Staying on the cutting edge of content can help you get the most out of your social media efforts.

Photo courtesy of Paul Robertson

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