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These Popular Chatbots Could Improve Your Website’s User Experience

Popular Chatbots that Deliver Information and Calls to Action

How could a website chatbot improve my website? To find the answer, consider these popular chatbots. Your website is a digital platform you own and control. It is the home base for your business online and can act as a storefront or customer service desk for your customers. At their best, websites can offer information to people curious about your business, and vital help for existing clients.

A well-designed website is a resource for your company’s audience. Prospective guests can find answers to their questions or at least an easy way to find those answers. Chatbots have become a powerful tool for businesses looking to offer more value to website visitors. They are more intelligent and customizable than ever before, resulting in answered questions, captured contact info, and informed connections with your staff.

Read about some of the most popular chatbots available today. The more you learn, the more will surprise you about their ease of use and functionality.

Start with these Powerful A.I. Tools


First, check out this code-free chatbot solution: Chatbot.com. I call this “code-free” because it allows you to build your chatbot experience using a graphical user interface. This drag-and-drop GUI includes templates for sales and customer service dialog trees. As a bonus, this tool includes extensive tutorial content to help you learn the basics of website chatbots.

Hubspot CRM Chatbot

Next, the Hubspot CRM Chatbot is your ticket to a CRM jackpot. Okay, that was cheesy, but truly, Hubspot’s CRM capabilities are widely utilized for a reason. Hubspot allows you to easily collect and organize audience data, powering your communication and marketing campaigns. Chatbot conversations are easy to review because they are saved to an inbox you can share with your staff.

The Hubspot CRM Chatbot is another no-code solution that features a wide range of graphical customization options. If you already use Hubspot CRM, this chatbot will integrate seamlessly with your existing system.

Freshdesk Messaging

Lastly, Freshdesk Messaging is unique. That’s because it is powered by a custom A.I. algorithm called “Freddy”. This chatbot lends some extra flair to its conversations. While some chatbots can feel overly scripted, Freshdesk Messaging can engage in approved small talk with users. 

This technology can also be applied to your Facebook Business page to respond to customers there. 

Your chatbot is always on duty and never needs a break. It can even hold dozens of conversations at once! Remember, a poorly-implemented chatbot is even worse than not having one. So if you want your website to capture more contact information and sales, while providing superior customer service, consider using a top-flight chatbot and customize it with care!

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