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Hunting Lodges Demand More from their Property Management System

Why Hunting Lodges Deserve a Tailored Approach

A hospitality business operator relies heavily on their property management system. These tools organize a large volume of data for business operators and property managers. Systems like these track and store guest schedules, inventory, payroll, maintenance, and other expenses. But for hunting lodge purveyors, typical property management systems can come up short.

There is a lot that goes into running a successful hunting lodge that is totally unique. Compared with your typical resort guest accommodations, hunting lodges offer more complex, specialized recreation experiences. 

Hunting lodge staff manage a massive amount of information. This is information that must be accurately stored and quickly accessed on a regular basis. Guns and ammunition, hunting dogs, guest accommodations, guest preferences, and guide schedules are just a few of the databases that are vital to regular operations.

All-inclusive pricing makes your management system even more important. Many hunting lodges like to offer all-inclusive packages because it simplifies transactions for their guests. Those in the market for hunting trips place tremendous value on simplicity. 

A property management system that is integrated with QuickBooks or other accounting software can help you track profitability for every guest stay. 

With a higher level of financial awareness, hunting lodge operators are able to optimize their pricing structure. That’s because granular expense data can help you track the cost of every reservation, every trip, every meal, etc.

Romeo Bravo Software Designs Custom Property Management Solutions for Hunting Lodges

We recognize the immense amount of information you manage to make your business a success. For years, we’ve worked with individual hunting lodges to address particular management needs. We help make vital guest data available to staff with individualized dashboards. 

We believe a property management system should help hunting lodges reduce their workload and improve their operational clarity at the same time. Access a guided demonstration of our software to see how it can help you communicate, strategize, and serve your guests. We can’t wait to show you how Romeo Bravo Software is helping hunting lodges around the country build better adventures.

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