Get in the Saddle with Confidence

Horseback riding is a rewarding activity that appeals to all ages and as such there are numerous factors that go into a safe and successful ride. First and foremost, it is critical for beginners to understand horses have an uncanny ability to sense the mood of the rider. Therefore, it is essential that all riders get in the saddle with confidence.

In most cases confidence comes from experience, so understandably it can be difficult for a “greenhorn” to put themselves in the right frame of mind. The best way to overcome this challenge is to find a professional horseback riding provider with quality horses. Making this decision can be somewhat daunting; however, one can easily take out the guesswork by making a trip to one of the many ranches that belong to the Dude Rancher’s Association. Members of the Dude Rancher’s Association have a well-earned reputation for employing trained wranglers, taking great care of their stock, and providing safe horseback experiences for riders with all levels of ability.

At its core, a guest ranch experience is an immersion into the culture of horses and the people who love them. A stay on a ranch also offers innumerable benefits to the guest and in a just few days a first-time dude will acquire basic skills they will keep for a lifetime. Guest ranches have a variety of trails providing opportunities for riders to explore all kinds of terrain. This will further develop the rider’s ability to adapt to various conditions. As the rider builds expertise, their confidence will likewise grow. This in turn opens the door to increasing levels of challenge and the rider will become more comfortable and move on to gain intermediate and advanced riding techniques.  

Photo courtesy of Justin Casey

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