Video Editing Software For Launching A YouTube Channel

YouTube is a powerful video-sharing platform with roughly 2 billion active users who consume 250 million+ hours of video content every day. In addition, YouTube allows users to publish custom video content easily. That can be enjoyed on YouTube’s website and app or easily embedded on your site. However, getting started with video creation can be daunting. Luckily, some free and affordable video editing software can help you create videos that will speak directly to your audience.

Here are some examples of accessible video editing tools that can get you started:


Get to know this video editing software by trying out the free tier. For basic video editing tasks, this software works great on Windows and Apple systems. Lightworks is used to create simple videos for personal and advertising purposes. More advanced features are unlocked in the paid tier. So try out the software and see if you enjoy it first!


Place audio and video fragments on a timeline to cut together the perfect video content for your purposes. Shotcut uses a similar top-end editing UI to Adobe or Sony-based editing software. Giving you a leg up should you ever choose to invest in more advanced tools. In addition, Shotcut is free and open-source. That means you can feel free to try it out and search for extensions that suit your purposes.

HitFilm Express

A free video editing software with advanced VFX tools for personalized video content. HitFilm Express is a simplified version of FXHome’s HitFilm Pro video editing software. Once you’ve reached your limit with what you can do on the free version, you may want to consider adding more features. For example, HitFilm Express features a built-in voice recorder for adding voiceover to your videos. And works great on Windows or Mac.

Trying out these free video editing platforms is a great way to get started on your YouTube journey. The more you learn about simple video editing. The more options you’ll have when it comes to creating original, relevant content for your audience.

Photo courtesy of Mike Chilcoat 

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