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Small Business SEO: Why it Matters

Make a Difference in Your Market with Small Business SEO

We understand how large corporations use the internet for marketing and visibility. They use their marketing might and search engine optimization (SEO) to show up on popular web searches for a national audience. But what about small business SEO? 

In the United States, nearly 99% of all businesses are considered small businesses. Providers of adventure recreation fit comfortably into this category. They offer their services to a niche market, competing with their unique offerings and attention to customer experience.

Despite their relative size, small businesses can do a lot to win relevant search terms and phrases. Although it may not be part of your digital marketing plan right now, here are some reasons your small business should care about SEO:

Focused Brand Awareness

SEO is all about pushing your business closer to the top of the search engine results page. But that is not the only focus of a brand awareness campaign. Your small business SEO should be backed by strategy. Your SEO strategy will be determined by the search terms and phrases people use to find businesses like yours.

A higher ranking for relevant search terms will improve your brand’s visibility and help you establish trust with your audience. To accomplish this, extensive key phrase research and ongoing implementation are necessary. 

Note: Businesses with a local focus should include local and regional terminology in their target key phrases like, “Wyoming fishing lodge” or “Yellowstone outfitter”

Small Business SEO is Budget-Friendly and Trackable

One reason why SEO is vital to a digital marketing strategy is its positive impact on your digital ad spending. SEO work reveals what terms and phrases your audience uses to search for your services. This will help guide your messaging online by showing you what is top of mind for your audience.

Another nice thing about SEO is that your results are trackable. Better search ranking may not happen overnight, but you will be able to see a slow improvement as you fill your website with content that attracts search engines and viewers.

Many small business owners aren’t aware of how SEO can improve brand awareness. SEO research can be your guiding light for a digital marketing strategy. And it isn’t just for the big boys. Small business SEO can become a competitive advantage in a tightly-contested market.

Romeo Bravo Software develops tools that help you build better adventures for your guests. In addition, we offer website and digital marketing services aimed at the needs of small businesses. To learn more, check out our Website Services page.

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