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What Can All-Inclusive Lodge Operators Learn from the Health & Wellness Industry?

Health & Wellness Activities Increase in Popularity, Overlap with Traditional Recreation

Wellness retreats have emerged as a popular recreational activity as people seek a break from their busy, noisy lives. Hunters and anglers have long understood how important it is to set time aside for solitude and focused activity. Though you may associate “health & wellness” with yoga, meditation, and quiet spiritual exercise, the industry at large is casting a much wider net.

These days “wellness” is incorporated into traditional recreational activities. For example, Take Me Fishing and Discover Boating, two outdoor recreation organizations have recognized how traditional recreation can serve to improve physical and mental wellbeing. In the summer of 2021, these organizations conducted their “Get on Board” campaign to encourage people to pursue boating and fishing as wellness activities.

Popular outdoor recreation brands have recognized the connection as well. Look no further than Mossy Oak’s dedicated wellness brand, Mossy Oak Wellness. Their slogan cuts straight to the heart of why outdoor recreation and wellness go hand-in-hand: “Feel better. Get outside.”

With their wellness brand, Mossy Oak blends messaging about healthy living and outdoor recreation. Also, they use this connection to market unique equipment and nutritious snacks to their health-conscious audience. Providers of adventure recreation have followed suit, with some lodges offering wellness retreats as distinct packages.

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Providers Have Embraced Online Booking

According to a recent study, health and wellness activities are the most popular services for online booking. In other words, these wellness operators seek to meet people where they are. As a result, they provide convenient options to fit these activities into guest schedules.

Your clientele likely already uses Google and/or Apple calendars to organize their lives. So when you offer online booking, you give them a seamless way to book and schedule trips.

All-inclusive lodge operators are finding success by incorporating health and wellness into their offerings. However, the truth is these lodges have always been about health and wellness. Now they’re using tactics and concepts from the health & wellness industry to better communicate the value of their services. 

How are you encouraging your audience to engage in outdoor recreation?

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